This is a list of all keyboard shortcuts for main menu functions in SIGVIEW:

Ctrl+O                    Open new signal

Ctrl+S                    Save signal

Ctrl+W                   Load workspace

Ctrl+I                        Save workspace         

Ctrl+N                    Copy new signal from clipboard

Ctrl+Q                     Open Data acquisition

Ctrl+R                     Start (Run) data acquisition

Ctrl+K                     Stop data acquisition  

F5                            Play signal

F6                            Play signal (with sound)

F7                            Stop playing    

F10                          Open Signal calculator

F12                          Open Application settings dialog

Alt+L                       Link window to its parent

Alt+U                      Unlink window from its parent

F4                            Set annotation here...

Home                      To signal begin

End                         To signal end

Ctrl+8                    Mark segment selection start

Ctrl+9                     Mark segment selection end

Ctrl+C                     Copy part of the signal to paste it again in SIGVIEW

Ctrl+V                     Paste part of the signal copied from SIGVIEW

Ctrl+X                     Cut part of the signal to paste it again in SIGVIEW

Ctrl+E                     Opens current signal selection as a new signal window

Ctrl+B                     Copy data to clipboard in CSV/ASCII format

Alt+Down               Reduce step for moving through signal

Alt+Up                    Increase step for moving through signal

Ctrl+Z                     Change/Cycle order of signals in an overlay window

Ctrl+2                     Zoom signal to certain length/number of samples

Ctrl+E                     Open current signal selection in a new window

Ctrl+A                     Open Axes settings dialog

Ctrl+P                     Open properties dialog for the current window

Ctrl+F                     Perform FFT spectrum analysis on the current window

Ctrl+T                     Create Time-FFT from the current signal window

Ctrl+G                     Create Spectrogram from the current signal window

Ctrl+Y                     FFT Filter 

F8                            Reset values for Averager, Peak hold...  signals

F2                            Turn coloured "mesh-view" on the current 3D window on or off

F3                            Switch current 3D window from "spectrogram view" to 3D-view and back

TAB                        Turn rulers in the current 3D window on or off

Ctrl+M                    Fill selected signal part with the mean signal value

Ctrl+0                     Fill selected signal part with zeros

Alt+W                      Turn Control Window on or off

Ctrl+D                      Reset all windows

Alt+F4                     Close SIGVIEW