If you try to rotate a 3D graphic to set the viewpoint somewhere on the Z-axis (view the 3D graphic from above), you will find out that it is not possible. That view is implemented as a separate option called “Spectrogram view”.

You can switch to a spectrogram view by selecting “3D Tools/Spectrogram view” from the menu, or by pressing the  graphic  button in the toolbar.

All operations, including cursor handling, zooming, colors changing... are the same as with standard 3D-graphics. In addition, you can use a mouse rectangle selection to zoom-in fast to part of the spectrogram. Also, by using your mouse wheel, you can perform a fast zoom-in or zoom-out on a spectrogram view.

By dragging a rectangle selection while pressing Ctrl key, you can measure rectangle dimensions without zooming in.


Spectrogram view is very useful and fast when used with 3D graphics created with the “Track changes as 3D graphics” option, because a big part of the graphic can simply be scrolled, and a new data is only drawn each time data in the origin window (for example, FFT) changes.

The time axis is always shown from left to right (X-axis). The direction of the frequency axis (Y-axis) can be changed by using the main menu option "3D Tools/Spectrogram frequency direction".

If you move your mouse cursor over spectrogram view, current X/Y values under the cursor will be shown as a tooltip.


Spectrogram view makes it easy to draw spectrograms in SIGVIEW.