To label some interesting point in the signal or analysis result, you can use signal annotations. Those will be displayed as markers containing some user-specified text and pointing to some signal location.


You can create annotations by selecting the corresponding context menu option on the signal. Simply position the signal cursor on the location where you would like to define an annotation, press the right-mouse button and choose the Set annotation here… menu option. A dialog will appear where you can enter your annotation text of up to 32 characters in length.

These annotations will be saved in a workspace file and reloaded later when you load a SWS file. This feature is especially interesting if you want to exchange your signal or analysis results with somebody and would like your comments to remain visible.

Annotations can be deleted or edited by using the corresponding context-menu options. To apply these options to a specific annotation you must right-click inside the annotation rectangle to open the context menu.

Multiple signal annotations can also be deleted by selecting the “Delete visible annotations” option from the context menu.

Please note that annotations inserted automatically by other functions, for example Peak detection, cannot be deleted or edited manually.