To calculate statistics values from the visible part of the signal, various Instruments can be used. Instrument usage has an disadvantage that a new window must be created explicitly. If you simply want to take a glance at statistics values, without creating new windows, you can use "Fast Statistics Report" feature. By simply pressing SPACE key while in a signal window, the most important statistics values will be calculated and displayed in the lower-right corner of the window. Additionally, 5 highest peaks will be marked in the signal. All calculated values correspond to the values which would be calculated by the matching Instrument window.

After releasing SPACE key, the report and the markers will disappear. By pressing SPACE key on a changing signal (e.g. from data acquisition), you will be able to observe changes of statistics values in real-time.

If you apply this function to a longer signal (more than 500000 samples), some complex values like THD, SNR, dB(X), will not be calculated for performance reasons. By zooming to a smaller signal part, you will be able to see these values as well. 

If Peak Detection function is turned on in the signal window, some additional values related to detected peaks will be calculated and displayed (Peak count and Avg. Peak distance).