SIGVIEW installation already includes a number of custom tools which were created by using Julia Scripting function, or simply by saving analysis windows with certain settings.

Please see Creating and Reusing Custom Tools to find out how to create your own custom tools or how to access existing tools faster.

Some of Julia Scripting based tools will generate graphics (for example scatter or polar plot) externally and embed it as a picture inside SIGVIEW's window. Therefore, those will not provide all interactive features of SIGVIEW's native graphics like cursors, mouse selection etc. But, even for such windows, the content will be automatically updated each time the source window change, so you can use them for live analysis just like any other native SIGVIEW window.

Julia-based custom tools will sometimes need a lot of time for the first execution, because libraries have to be loaded and initialised first. Subsequent executions will be much faster.

All Julia-based tool are available with full source code. You can open a source code for any created window, inspect or change it as you wish. See Julia Basic principles for details.