This Julia-based custom tool can be applied to two or more signal windows, so you should use it from Control Window. This function will try to calculate delay (time offset) between signals, presuming that the signals are similar (for example, the same event which was recorded from two sensors). If a plausible delay has been found by using cross-correlation function, the signals will be shifted so that they are timely synchronized, i.e. the offset should be 0 after the synchronization. Please note that this function actually changes/shifts the source signals, without creating new windows. If needed, SIGVIEW will insert zeros at the end of shifted signals in order to keep the same signal length.

The complete report about the analysis and synchronisation will be available in the Align window. The actual shifting will be performed directly in the source signals.

After choosing Signal tools/Custom tools/Align signals menu option, SIGVIEW will first calculate the shifts between all involved signals.

After selecting the "Align parent signals" function in the context menu, the alignment will be performed, the delay between signals will be measured again, and you will see the result. In best case, the delay will be zero afterwards. If not, you can apply the function again.