Bode and Polar plot

This Julia-based custom tool is applied to a signal window. It will first calculate Bode plot (magnitude and phase of the signal) by using standard SIGVIEW functions. Then, it will use these results to create and display a Polar plot. The plot is generated by using Julia plotting functions and is embedded inside SIGVIEW window. Therefore, it does not provide any interactive functions like cursors or context menus.

By opening source code of the Polar plot script (Context menu/Edit script...), you can set various display parameters of the plot. 

Polar plot

This tools displays a polar plot only, based on two existing input windows, magnitude spectrum (first parent) and a phase plot (second parent).

Plot settings

By choosing Edit script... option from a context menu on polar plot display, you can change some plot settings directly in the Julia source code. As soon as you change some parameter and save the script, the plot will be changed and updated:

For more information about possible parameter values, see  and