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Commercial licenses
License TYPE
Single seat license
US$  160.00   
US$  360.00   
5-pack seat license
US$   590.00   
US$  1360.00   
10-pack seat license
US$   800.00   
US$  1800.00   
Site license
US$ 1500.00   
US$  3400.00   
Educational licenses

For educational licenses, we offer up to 30% discount on the commercial list prices. We may contact you after your order and request further information about your academic status. If you have questions about terms and conditions for educational licenses, please contact us.
License type (EDU)
Single seat license
US$  120.00   
US$  270.00   
5-pack seat license
US$   420.00   
US$    1000.00   
10-pack seat license
US$   580.00   
US$  1300.00   
Site license
US$   1100.00   
US$  2600.00   
Premium support packages

SIGVIEW STANDARD Version License does not include technical support for general program usage or your specific use case. We offer various Premium support packages which provide you direct email contact with our support staff. This allows you to send us any questions relating to general SIGVIEW usage or to your specific application. You will receive comprehensive answers in less than 24h, containing detailed how-to guides, screenshots, workspace files etc. Usually, one support hour is sufficient to respond to 2-3 simple questions.
SIGVIEW PRO Version License includes 1 hour of Premium Support for each order.
Premium support packagePrice
1 hour support package
US$   100.00 50.00
Add during license ordering
2 hours support package
US$   180.00 90.00
Add during license ordering
5 hours support package
US$   420.00 210.00
Add during license ordering
Upgrading from STANDARD to PRO version

If you already own a STANDARD license, you can upgrade it anytime to a PRO license. Please see the detailed pricing in the table below.
Upgrade from STANDARD to PRO

Single seat license
US$  230.00   
5-pack seat license
US$    800.00   
10-pack seat license
US$    1050.00   
Site license
US$  2000.00   
Upgrading from v6.x

For customers upgrading from v6.x to v7.x, we offer a 50-70% discount on the above list prices. Please see the detailed pricing in the table below. You can also use the chance and upgrade from STANDARD to PRO version at the same time.
Upgrade prices are the same for commercial and educational licenses.
If your v6.x license was purchased less than one year ago, it can be upgraded free of charge to the latest version. To upgrade, just send us your current registration data for v6.x and we will send you your new registration key.
Upgrade from v6.x to v7.x
Single seat license
US$  70.00   
US$  240.00   
US$  160.00   
5-pack seat license
US$ 230.00   
US$   880.00   
US$   530.00   
10-pack seat license
US$ 300.00   
US$ 1100.00   
US$   750.00   
Site license
US$ 460.00   
US$ 2200.00   
US$ 1150.00   

  • All licenses are perpetual licenses (no time-limitation, no subscription)
  • All prices may be subject to local taxes. On the order page, you will see the final price depending on your country.
  • Each seat license allows installation on only one computer
  • Transferring license to another computer is simple and hassle-free
  • Free minor updates for the current major software version (v7.x) are included (e.g. v7.1, v7.2,...) without time limitation. If a new major version (e.g. v8.0) is released inside one year period after your purchase, you will get a free upgrade to that version as well.
  • Physical delivery of the boxed (CD) version is available for additional US$ 25.00 including shipping. You can select this option during checkout.
  • Site license allows installation on all computers in your organisation (company location, school or university). CD-delivery is included.
  • By ordering SIGVIEW, you agree to our End-User-License-Agreement (EULA) and our Terms-of-Service (TOS).
NO Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc.

At SignalLab, we're committed to respecting and appreciating all our customers equally, every day of the year. That's why we have chosen not to participate in Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or similar sales events.
We understand these events can create a sense of urgency and pressure to buy, which may not always be in the best interest of our customers. Instead, we focus on offering fair, transparent pricing throughout the year. This approach ensures that you can be confident that you're receiving the best value and service, regardless of the season or date.

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