SIGVIEW supports data acquisition of analog signals by using most National Instruments® data acquisition devices (

For general concepts and details regarding data acquisition in SIGVIEW, please see the Data acquisition overview. A standard NiDAQmx driver is used for data acquisition.

If you choose "NiDAQmx" as a device type, you will be able to set various device-specific options in the following dialog:


Firstly, you have to decide about the measurement type. This depends on your sensor type, DAQ device type etc. Please consult your DAQ device manual for details. Each supported measurement type corresponds directly to one of low-level NiDAQmx driver functions. You can visit a corresponding link below to find more information about parameters for each measurement type, directly on the website:


IEPE Force:

IEPE Velocity:



Voltage with excitation:

"Voltage" measurement is a default measurement type and should work with most devices. Other types of measurement will usually need special device types with excitation, IEPE option etc.


In the event your device does not support requested parameters, you will receive an error message directly from the underlying NI driver. In that case, you will have to consult the device manual and test with different settings.

For example, all measurement types which use excitation are very restrictive regarding the input range parameter. You have to take care that it fits a specified input range of your device in the specific mode used.