SIGVIEW supports data acquisition of analog voltage signals by using LabJack T-Series devices ( For the support of UniversalLibrary (U3/U6) LabJack devices, see this chapter.

For general concepts and details regarding data acquisition in SIGVIEW, please see the Data acquisition overview. A standard LabJack "LJM Library" is used for data acquisition.

If you choose this device type in the data acquisition dialog, you will be able to set some device-specific options in the following dialog:

Please note that some settings will be adjusted to fit the currently selected device. If you later select another T-Series devices, you should open this dialog again to check if some settings must be changed.

For more information about settings, please see LabJack online help at:

and low-level API information at:

Channel mode: Single-ended or differential (available only for T7). In differential mode, positive channels are 1, 3, 5, 7 and corresponding negative channels are 2, 4, 6, 8. Please note that channel indexes in SIGVIEW are always 1-based, regardless of the indexes used by the actual devices. For example, AI0 = Channel 1, AI1 = Channel  2 etc.

External trigger: Digital trigger channel number (available only for T7)

Range: Input voltage range. The actual list of ranges depends on the selected device type (available only for T7 and T8)

Stream resolution: See LabJack documentation on possible values. This parameter is for optimization only and should normally not be changed.