SIGVIEW supports data acquisition of analog voltage signals by using most Measurement Computing® data acquisition devices (

For general concepts and details regarding data acquisition in SIGVIEW, please see the Data acquisition overview. A standard "Universal Library" driver is used for data acquisition.

If you choose "Universal Library" as a device type, you will be able to set various device-specific options in the following dialog:

"Precision" and "Range" parameters have to match your device capabilities. Please consult your DAQ device manual for details.

Regarding other, low-level parameters, please consult online help for the corresponding Measurement Computing API:

I/O Mode, External clock:

External trigger:


In the event your device does not support requested parameters, you will receive an error message directly from the underlying Universal Library driver. In that case, you will have to consult the device manual and test with different settings.

For example, you could receive an error "Count must be integer multiple of packet size for continuous mode" when performing data acquisition from Measurement Computing USB devices.

Some devices have restrictions regarding the "Block length" parameter in data acquisition window. It has to be an integer multiple of internal device packet size. For 1208LS and MiniLAB 1008, this packet size is 64, for 1208FS and 1608FS, it is 31, for 1616FS, it is 62 etc. You can find the exact value for your device in the Universal Library Online Help.