Data Translation DT9837 is a series of highly accurate data acquisition modules that are ideal for portable noise and vibration measurements. Four 24-bit IEPE (ICP) sensor inputs are synchronized with a tachometer input to provide data streams that are matched in time for field or laboratory use. It is self-powered via the USB connection to a PC/laptop and provides  BNC connections for all I/O signals for secure and easy-to-use operation.

Using Data Translation DT9837 in SIGVIEW

The sensor is connected to your computer easily by using USB port. No additional setup or settings are needed after device drivers are installed. If device driver has been installed and your sensor is connected, the device will appear in the Data acquisition dialog.

Maximal sample rate is 52.7kHz per input channel.

Channels 1-4 are delivering value in Volt units. The conversion in other units can be done by using calibration function with the corresponding conversion factor

Channel 5 is always used as tachometer channel, delivering values in RPM units.

The following settings are possible by using Device-specific settings dialog:

The following settings can be made for each channel:

Channel mode: Single-ended or Differential

Range: Input range, +/- 1V or +/-10V

Coupling: AC, DC or none

Current: Disabled, Internal (4mA internal current source) or External

Additionally, for using multiple devices in synchronised mode, it is possible to set the role of this device to Master or Slave. Only one Master and one or more Slaves are allowed in one setup. Starting data acquisition of the Master DAQ will automatically start time-synchronised acquisition in all Slave DAQs - there is no need to do it manually. Stopping Master DAQ will stop the acquisition in all Slave DAQs as well. Please see Data Translation documentation for details about synchronisation function.

Please see your sensor documentation regarding details and capabilities.