Spectrogram view
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If you try to rotate 3D graphic to set viewpoint somewhere on Z axis (look at the 3D graphics from above), you will find out that it is not possible. That view is implemented as a separate option called Spectrogram view.

You can switch to a Spectrogram view by choosing 3D Tools/Spectrogram view from menu, or pressing  graphic  button in toolbar.

All operations including ruler handling, zooming, colors changing,... are the same as with standard 3D-graphics. In addition, you can use a mouse rectangle selection to zoom-in fast to part of the spectrogram. Also, by using your mouse wheel, you can perform a fast zoom-in our zoom-out on a spectrogram view.

Spectrogram view is very useful and fast when used with 3D graphics created with “Track changes as 3D graphics” option, because a big part of the graphic can simply be scrolled, and only a new data is drawn each time data in origin window (for example, FFT) changes.

Time axis is always shown from left to right (X-axis). The direction of the frequency axis (Y-axis) can be changed by using main menu option "3D Tools/Spectrogram frequency direction".

If you move your mouse cursor over spectrogram view, current X/Y values under the cursor will be shown as a tooltip.


Spectrogram view makes it easy to draw spectrograms in SIGVIEW.
Spectrogram view