“Peak hold” is a signal which stores maximum Y values for each X value from all past changes in the origin signal. “Min hold” is a similar function which stores minimum Y values.

Each time the origin signal changes, the peak hold window will compare its new values with the old ones, and take the bigger ones. For example, you can try to create a peak-hold window of some existing spectrum window. When you calculate peak-hold from it, it will contain exactly the same data as the spectrum in that moment. Now, start your signal analysis system and let the spectrum change its values. Peak-hold will store maximum values for all frequencies from the spectrum. You can apply this option to any kind of signal.

If you want to reset all peak hold values and start from the beginning, choose “Reset data” from its context menu or press the F3 button.

If you simply want to stop or start peak hold process, choose the unlink or link option from the main menu or toolbar.