Palettes and colors
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3D graphics can use different colors to show different f(X,Y) values of a represented function. One 3D graphics can use only one color set at a time, called palette. Palette in SIGVIEW has 128 colors.

You can set palette used by one 3D-graphics from its context menu or from the main menu, 3D tools/Palette menu option.

Currently available palettes are:

·     gray
·     hsv
·     blue
·     pink
·     hot
·     white
·     jet
·     rainbow
·     winter
·     autumn
·     spring
·     summer
·     cool

Some palettes are better suited for linear scaling and some are better suited for log scales. The best way to see a palette look & feel is to try it on an example 3D graphics.

Palettes definitions are stored in simple text files with *.pal extension (hot.pal, blue.pal, etc.). Each file has 128 rows with 3 numeric values defining each of 128 colors as intensities of red, green and blue (RGB). You can freely change values in these files to define your own palettes, provided that they keep the same structure and the same number of rows.