This example shows how to use Script source window to load data from Excel files by using XLSX Julia package.  

You will have to install XLSX package before using this example. Please note that there are many other packages for Julia which add Excel file support.

using XLSX

function update( output_signal::SigviewSignalWindow )

  #load xslx file

  xfile = XLSX.readxlsx("c:/temp/data.xlsx")

  #get one sheet

  sheet = xfile["data"]

  #get data from specific cell range and convert to array

  output_signal.samples = sheet["D7:D37"][:,1]

  #read sampling rate from one cell

  output_signal.samplingRate = sheet["C6"]

  #get unit string from one cell

  output_signal.xAxisUnit = sheet["C5"]

  return true