Links between windows
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Two windows are "linked" in SIGVIEW if changes in one of them influence the changes in the other one. For example, if you calculate an FFT sequence from some part of the signal, that FFT will recalculate and redraw each time you move  through the original signal, zoom  it in or out, change signal values, ...

All windows are by default linked to its parent windows. You can disable that link by choosing System control/Unlink window from parent menu option or  graphic  button in a toolbar. You can establish that link again by choosing System control/Link window to parent menu option or  graphic button in toolbar.

You can see the current state of links between windows in the Control window. If two windows are linked, they will be connected with a solid line. If they are not linked, the line will be dotted. You can also perform linking/unlinking from the Control windows context menu.
Linking and unlinking windows