Copying Window Graphics to the Clipboard

To capture and store the visual elements of a window, navigate to Edit/Copy picture to clipboard via the application's main menu.

This action copies the window's graphic content to the Clipboard in bitmap format. These images can then be imported into any graphic editing software by selecting the Edit/Paste option within the software.

Saving Window Graphics as Bitmap Files

For direct file storage, select the Edit/Save picture as bitmap... option from the menu. This allows you to specify a filename and save the visual content of the current window as a bitmap (BMP) file.

Saving Window Graphics as Enhanced Metafiles (EMF)

To save window graphics in a vector format, opt for the Edit/Save picture as Enhanced Metafile (EMF)... menu choice. This saves the image as an Enhanced MetaFile (EMF), which is particularly beneficial when planning to modify the image using vector graphic editing tools. This format is ideal for making detailed adjustments such as editing or removing specific graphic elements, modifying or deleting axis labels, and more.